Friday, January 28, 2005

Fiery order to my little inquisitive mind

One day when I was little, I was quite inquisitive and awed at how adults made fires. I could be three or four then. I remember being struck with amazement when I saw a match thus ignited.

Soon I discovered this contrivance on a ledge. Quietly, I sneaked that small package into the bedroom, to try it for myself.

I withdrew one of the potassium chlorate tipped antimony sulphide stick and stroked it to the thin sandpapered red phosphorus layering outside its box. And voila, fire...... and great I thought.

Later, I tried it on newspaper, where I found some sitting under the bed. I removed the mattress and lit to see the fire grew. It got bigger rather quick...... but then smokes began to accumulate too!

Then of a sudden, all hell broke loose. I was flung to the floor. Buckets of water came pouring in. I was severely reprimanded. And, I was afraid.

Now I know why in some places they call them, these damn matches, "Lucifer". Its evil no doubt.


Blogger WooeR said...

Wan Burhanuddin of wrote to on Friday, January 28, 2005 6:06:18 PM

Trash u may modestly call it, I see your "little" pieces as patches that enlighten me on who this "Mat-Ali-yang-tak-payah-stone, memang-dua-puluh-empat-jam-high" is. Light on mate!

10:31 PM  

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